What is a Sentence Fragment Error?

A sentence fragment is a part of a sentence that is not in its own independent clause. A sentence fragment is like an incomplete sentence. Sentence fragments are common in English. They are a good idea in some places, but not others.

A sentence Fragment is a grammatical device where you use a fragment that consists of a part of a sentence as if it were a single whole. Sentence Fragments are typically used to help you convey a message, in a much more economical way. Sentence fragments make it much easier to say things as compared to when you use a complete sentence.

Certain sentence fragments come from simple typographical mistakes or word omissions. They are frequently avoidable with meticulous proofreading. See the following example sentences:

  • Went to the market yesterday.
  • After the classes, the library. My life nowadays.

The first sentence above lacks a subject, while the second lacks a main verb.

There are numerous ways to correct the preceding sentences. Introduce the subject in the first sentence, then the main verb in the second.

Apart from typographical errors, the two most frequent sources of fragments are the incorrect use of subordinators and prepositions. To comprehend how these errors occur, it’s necessary to first define sentences in English.

A clause is defined in English as a grammatical unit that contains both a verb and its subject. As the following examples demonstrate, a sentence can include a single clause or a collection of clauses:

In a nutshell, a sentence fragment is usually a part of a sentence where there is a grammatical error that makes the sentence incomplete. Sentence fragments may be used when a sentence is too long to convey its message or when there is some grammatical error that makes the sentence look awkward.


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