The internet has transformed the way information is shared – IELTS Problem Solution Essay

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The internet has transformed the way information is shared and consumed, but it has also created problems that did not exist before. What are the most severe problems associated with the internet, and what solutions can you suggest?


With the advent of the internet, the method of information sharing and consumption has been drastically changed. This change also introduced some novel issues. This essay will explore some of these key challenges and the ways to overcome those issues.

First of all, access to the cheap internet has caused the problem of smartphone addiction among youth and adults. Most times, they could be seen using their smartphones. This trend has caused a reduced tendency of people to meet in person. Thus, even though they are virtually connected with the world, the lack of real interaction can be observed among many people who are struggling with loneliness and anxiety. Another issue that has arisen in the internet era is cybercrime. With more people using online methods to make payments, incidents of cybercrime are also increasing.

To overcome the problem of smartphone addiction, people should improve their habits. Young adults can be made aware of the harmful impacts of using too many internet and smartphone devices. Other people should also prioritise when to use the internet and when to stay away from it. To avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime like hacking and privacy breach issues, people should follow the best practices of using the internet and social media and avoid disclosing too much personal information on public platforms.

In conclusion, the internet has made the lives of people easier than ever before; however, there are also risks involved in using the internet. Public and self-awareness are the only means to mitigate risks arising from the internet.

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