Space exploration is much too expensive

Space exploration is much too expensive, and the money should be spent on more important things. What is your opinion?


There is an argument that exploring space is a waste of money and that there are more urgent needs to be addressed on Earth, such as reducing poverty and preventing environmental destruction. However, I completely disagree with this opinion for two reasons, as discussed in further sections.

The origin of many of the technologies that we use today can be traced back to space research. For instance, satellite technology, which is crucial for broadcasting and weather forecasting, owes its existence to space exploration. Without satellites, it would be impossible to keep track of global events or warn people about impending storms. Space research has also led to the development of lightweight materials that offer heat protection and enable food preservation. Therefore, the challenge of sending human beings into space has often driven the advancement of innovative technologies that have significant benefits for our daily lives.

We should develop the ability to escape from Earth, as we cannot predict the distant future. It is important to learn how humans can survive for long periods of time in space and travel to other planets in the future. If space exploration is stopped, we will lose the opportunity to acquire this valuable knowledge. While environmental destruction is a severe issue, we will continue to depend on our environment if we do not accept the challenge of exploring other worlds.

In conclusion, while we undoubtedly face serious problems on our own planet, we must continue to explore space. It will promote further technological advances, which may prove a blessing for the entire human race. I will say that all nations should cooperate in the advancement of space research.

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