Advances made in agriculture – IELTS Essay Sample

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In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this the case? What can be done about this problem?

Model Solution

It can be observed that despite the growth in agricultural advancement a lot of people still starve due to the lack of food. The causes of this would be poverty and unequal distribution of wealth, which can be solved through education and generating more job opportunities.

The leading cause for this may be a lack of money in those unprivileged countries, for instance, Third World countries like Kenya and Ethiopia. Such countries are not able to leverage the advantages arising from the use of advanced techniques in agriculture. Unemployment is another problem that is responsible for the poverty of a large section of society. No matter the production and availability of food produces, a poor person has always to face the challenge due to low buying power. Lastly, the geographic environment of certain locations may not be suitable for the production of crops.

Therefore, in order to ensure that no one sleeps empty stomach, governments need to generate job opportunities to increase the buying power of people. If the shortage of food crops is arising due to geographic issues, governments should import food from countries that are producing crops in surplus. In both cases, it is the government that can ensure that every citizen is getting enough food for themselves and their families. Apart from these, the general public can also take initiatives to send their extra food to food banks so it can help those who need it.

In conclusion, food scarcity can be addressed through government initiatives for employment generation and importing of essential food items. At the same time, people can also help their fellow citizens by eradicating the food shortage problem by donating their extra food to food banks.

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