Writing an IELTS Essay [Step-by-Step]

writing IELTS essay

Task 2 of IELTS writing is one of the most challenging parts for most of IELTS candidates. Task 2 or essay is not just a test of your English writing skill but it also tests your time management skill. So, without wasting time let’s understand my best practices for writing an essay. I hope it would be beneficial for you as well.

Step 1 is to read carefully your essay topic, there are several essay types. So, don’t be ditched by keywords such as discuss, opinion as an opinion essay could be altogether different from a ‘discuss and opinion’ essay. You are advised to practise on every type of essay at least 3-4 times before the exam. Last-minute cramming is not going to help in any way.

Step 2 is planning your essay. Decide points, decide the structure and jot it down at the backside of writing sheet. You can delete them when you start developing your essay. There is a risk that you might forget the points you had thought. Noting them down would be a safe practice.

Step 3 is about starting the essay with an introduction. Please note that the introduction is very crucial for getting a high band. If examiner founds inconsistency between the introduction and body parts, it will hamper your band. Start with paraphrasing the question statement. Make sure to paraphrase on sentence-level rather than just using synonyms. Write a clear thesis statement or scope of the essay.

Step 4 is about extending your ideas in standalone paragraphs. For example, if you decided a solution to a particular problem in the thesis statement. Now, it is the time to elaborate on the particular solution using your ideas, rationale, justification and examples. Please make sure you dedicate one paragraph to one idea only. All supporting arguments should be concentrated on the chosen theme. Do not mix two or more ideas and state them randomly.

writing IELTS essay
Writing an IELTS Essay [Step-by-Step] 2

In the last step i.e. step 5, you need to conclude your discussion. Do not extend this section too much. 2 to 4 sentences are sufficient. Make sure to not include an idea which you did not discuss in the body paragraphs. Conclusion is not the place to introduce new ideas. Rather, find the themes of body paragraphs and evaluate their impact/significance.

I hope this article helps you. If you have any question, please ask in the comments section.

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