Teenagers can take up a part-time job in their free time

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Many children are encouraged by their parents to get a part-time job in their free time. What are the advantages and disadvantages to children doing so?


There are various things that children can do in their free time but many parents prefer that they get a part-time job. This is for a good reason, as taking up a part-time job provides crucial benefits. However, there are downsides to it as well, especially given that teenagers also have to manage schoolwork.

Let’s first talk about the advantages to teenagers of getting a part-time job. Whether it is waiting tables at a restaurant or being a librarian at school, taking up a job teaches them about the realities of the workplace. They learn to be accountable to their boss, about building relationships with colleagues and to work in a team.

Another benefit is the earnings. A majority of teenagers will pursue their further studies at college, which often tends to be highly expensive. To help pay for their higher education, they can save up the money that they earned in their part-time job. Alongside this, they will also learn budgeting and be more cautious about spending.

However, there are disadvantages to this as well. The first is the workload. Teenagers already have to manage their schoolwork and ensure that they get good grades. Getting a job would add an extra burden and if they are unable to handle this well, it may lead to burnout and poor mental health. There are also many dangers involved in going to the workplace. Because they are young, the teenagers may be mistreated by their boss and even paid less than the promised wage.

To sum up, teenagers can benefit from taking up a part-time job by earning pocket money and not being dependent on their parents for petty expenses, but they have to be aware of the potential compromise with academic grades before they take up any job.

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