Success in school vs. success in life

Some people fail in school, but end up being successful in life. Why do you think that is the case? What is the most important thing to succeed in life?
opinion essay sample 26-06-2020
Success in school vs. success in life 2

There are many people who struggled in school days to get good grades, however, they do great in their professional career. In this essay, I will express my opinion why it happens.

First of all, there are skills and personality traits beyond those that are taught and tested at school that aid in life success. At school, we are not taught or tested on soft skills like resilience, time management, teamwork, conflict resolution and intrapersonal communication. These traits are necessary to succeed in life. For example, with high resilience, you can easily bounce back from failures without wasting too much time feeling bad about them. Hence, someone who is resilient is much more willing to try new things without letting the fear of failure stop them. Even if they do fail, they are quick to learn from their mistakes and give the project another shot.

Secondly, according to facts, a person does well in the matter of his/her interest. It is possible that someone may hate studies at all because they like doing something else. Due to lack of interest they do not perform well in studies.

To conclude, some people may not be academically gifted, but they are gifted with these qualities that aid them in success in life. This is why the low-scoring students turn out to be successful adults: they have put the strengths in their personality to good use.


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