Some countries focus on health care and education benefits

Some countries focus on health care and education benefits while others on infrastructure and employment. Which do you think would be more beneficial for the population? Give specific details and examples to support your opinion.


Nowadays, several governments concentrate on health concerns and education interests, whereas other countries focus on sturdy infrastructure and business opportunities. These two necessary fields for society are complementary to each other, but in my opinion, reinforcing education and healthiness is more helpful to citizens.

First of all, education plays a vital factor in the renaissance of the nation’s economic and social prosperity; for example, a sound teaching system boosts the mental development of the people and makes them more aware of each other, and it can organise society’s life by enacting regulations. Similarly, a good education contributes to the advancement and well-being of countries. According to a recent UN report, primary education in low-income countries has the most substantial impact on national economic growth. In contrast, secondary education for middle-revenue countries and higher education most influence individuals’ financial state in high-income countries. Therefore, the teaching process is the most helpful element in a person’s life.

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Some countries focus on health care and education benefits 2

Another reason is that the benefits of a better health system with unlimited facilities help individuals maintain their physical and mental well-being. It is crucial to keep people productive in doing whatever their job is. Healthy citizens are valuable human resources for any country. Consequently, a healthy society that is safe from diseases is a competent community serving itself and its nation.

In conclusion, education and healthcare have various benefits for society, both economically and socially, which lead them to a healthy and prosperous life. Therefore, these two substantial aspects are more beneficial for the population than any other field.


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