Is remote working is good only for employees?

agree or disagree with statement

Many employees may work at home with modern technology. Some people claim that it can benefit only the workers, not the employers. Do you agree or disagree?


Due to technological advancements, it has become possible for several people to work from home. A number of individuals are of the view that working from home is beneficial only for the employees and not their bosses or employing organisation. I disagree with this view because remote working is beneficial to both employees as well as their owners.

The first benefit that arises to organisations or employing organisations is that working from home saves them the rental cost of the premises they would have paid otherwise. Further, it also saves them a lot of perks they usually pay to their employees, such as transportation or commutation allowances and reimbursements for other day-to-day expenses had employee visited any place out of the office.

The second benefit to employers from remote working of employees is that companies do not need to invest in equipment such as computers, video conferencing tools and applications. For example, one of my friends has been working from home only since the Coronavirus pandemic is in existence, and his boss is saving a lot on account of saving a number of on-premise expenses such as confectionery and tea or coffee. Thus, working from home is entirely in favour of employers as well.

Thirdly, remote working offers flexible working timing. In the first instance, it seems it is in favour of employees, but actually, it works in favour of employees. Certain employees, such as programmers, are arguably more productive during night time. Thus, in remote working, the employer can get the best performance from the employees, thus contributing to the company’s overall productivity.

To sum up, remote working is in favour of employees only is a myth. There are equal or even more benefits to employers as well. It saves the organisations and employers the costs in the form of rental of the office, investment in equipment as well as getting the best performance from their employees due to flexible working hours.

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