Better education is the most effective way to prevent crimes

In many countries, prison is the most common solution for crimes. However, many think that better education is the most effective way to prevent people from committing further crimes.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Model Solution

In a lot of nations, it is common to send criminals to prison in order to deter future crimes. However, some believe that it is preferable to educate individuals in order to deter them from committing repeat offences. I largely concur with the given statement, as effective literary skills can help most offenders become self-sufficient, thereby reducing their primary motivation for committing crimes, which is a financial crisis, though this may not be effective in preventing rage-related crimes.

To begin, when criminals spend an extended period of time in prison, they may lose sight of their fundamental job abilities. Additionally, it is probable that they lacked job-related knowledge and abilities, compelling them to perpetrate the crimes. By offering necessary knowledge and skills in prisons prior to the end of their sentence, they will be able to obtain work or begin an occupation that will enable them to become self-sufficient and avoid engaging in a criminal activity again. This technique helps the government save money on resources such as food and clothing for criminals, which they are entitled to under human rights. It enables governments to spend the same amount of money on the public sector as they do on the private sector. Finally, societal offences will be considerably reduced.

Without a doubt, this also applies to the fact that not all crimes can be prevented through education, as some of the numerous criminals are already well-educated. Cybercriminals, for example, are highly educated and skilled individuals. They are simply misusing their expertise and literary ability. Their crimes may be motivated by ego rather than financial greed for survival. Nonetheless, the majority of common criminal activities such as robbery, murder, and theft can almost certainly be significantly reduced through education.

In conclusion, while education has been shown to be effective in preventing typical repeat offences, it may not be effective with all criminals, particularly those who were not compelled to commit offences by financial constraints.


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