Write Less, Express More

This one unwritten rule takes your writing band to another level. This is something that distinguishes a band 7 writing with band 8 or band 6 essay with band 7. You may still achieve up to band 6 even by ignoring this important skill. But why to take risk when you can achieve 0.5 to 1 band simply by following this writing best practice.

In higher education, professors usually expect advanced level writing. What does mean advanced level writing? It is simply about replacing your simple sentence structure with something that consumes lesser words. For example, John is capable of doing this work in an effective manner, this sentence consumed 11 words. People who found writing hard and lack ideas would usually be happy with this approach. However, if you have the skill to present the same sentence in lesser words, your examiner will admire your writing skill. Is there is a way you can write the same sentence in less than 11 words? Yes, there is, John can do this work effectively, consumed only 6 words. Now, that’s the demonstration of your lexical resource as well. The revised sentence used ‘effectively’, so an adverb has been used.

So, next time, avoid word fillers to complete 250+ words. You will need to practice hard if you are not used to writing at advanced level. It is not difficult. While writing a lengthy sentence, always think if you can present the same idea in lesser words, using active voice or using adverbs, or anything similar.